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  • MPN: SW351-CAC
  • Quickcode: B506434
  • Hersteller: Swann
  • EAN:0815849010055
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Swann SW351-CAC smoke detectorCeiling Alarm, "smoke alarm"

Unique "smoke alarm" design to maximize security effectiveness / Super slim infrared remote for on or off and chime or alarm selection / Monitors 360 degree area up to 9ft radius / 100% wireless.

Why the SWANN HOME SERIES of alarms? We have specifically designed the HOME SERIES of alarms for the consumer who wants to feel secure in their home without the high priced hassle of monitored systems from big alarm companies. Our do-it-yourself, easy to install range is designed to alert you of anyone attempting to gain access to your home through a secured entrance.

What is a secured entrance? Door, window, and/or motion sensors are placed on potential points of entry to your home. When the sensors are activated via a door/window opening or motion being detected, an audible alert or alarm is sounded to deter any thieves or burglars who are attempting to gain access to your property.

The SWANN HOME SERIES can also function as an alert. Many of us want to keep track of what is going on inside the home just as much as we want to keep criminals out. People who care for the elderly or those with Alzheimer's or dementia often require around the clock supervision. This system will alarm (notify) someone when a secured passageway has been breached. For parents of young children, keeping up with them can be difficult.

With the SWANN HOME SERIES, you can activate the doors you do not want to be opened and an alarm will sound if that passageway has been breached. Why wait for someone else to secure your property when you can do-it-yourself with the SWANN HOME SERIES of products. SWANN HOME SERIES of alarms:
Your choice for affordable do it yourself peace of mind.

- Unique "smoke alarm" design to maximise security effectiveness
- Super slim infrared remote control for on/off and chime/alarm selection
- Monitors a 360 degree area up to 9ft 3m distance
- Siren has loud 120dB+ continuous sound level
- 100% wireless = easy to install with no damage to your home decor
- Ideally suited to homes, sheds, caravans, garages, extensions etc...
- Delay feature allows you to enter & leave without activating the alarm
- Requires 3 x "AA" batteries for main unit (not included), 1 x "CR2032" battery for remote control (included)